Audit of the brand, product, recognizable features and values. Analysis of product development strategies, researching their values in the environment of competition and directly for the customer. Analysis of used advertising and image tools. Testing the effectiveness of SEM / SEO


Audit of the architecture of applications and databases, security of IT systems, effectiveness of IT systems, security of sensitive data, continuity of system operation. Analysis of data processing flexibility, business process modeling, project management standards, adopted IT strategies, risk management.


Audit and review of financial statements, business processes research, support in internal audit, tax consultancy, examination of transformation plans, mergers, divisions and other according to the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies, due diligence review in connection with mergers, acquisitions and acquisitions of companies.


Strategic support in making management decisions, during the processes of introducing business on new markets, transformations, mergers and acquisitions. Recommendations regarding to reorganization, structure modeling, strategic changes in company management, outsourcing implementation or changes.



Comprehensive service of B2B, B2C legal issues, representation before state offices and in the courtroom. Recommendations for implemented commercial projects, introduced products, purchase of technologies. Legal services for companies in bankruptcy, support in debt relief.


Analysis of the company’s business visions and goals, analysis of sales channels, target customers, construction and implementation of trading strategies, optimization of the product portfolio, restructuring of regions, teams, sales channels. Implementing and modeling MBO, raporting tools.